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New Nissan 370Z Prices and Specifications

Tony O'Kane | Nov, 12 2008 | 10 Comments

The all-important power rating of the all-new Nissan 370Z has finally been revealed, and 248kW (332hp) is the magic number.

That's 18kW (24hp) more than the current 350Z, 78kW (104hp) more than a Mazda RX-8, 31kW (41hp) more than a Porsche Cayman S and - gasp - 9kW (12hp) more than a 911 Carrera. As expected, it's even a few kilowatts higher than the V36 Nissan Skyline 370GT, with which the Z34 370Z shares the same basic 3.7-litre VQ37VHR engine.

Further improvements have also been made aft of the motor, with the standard automatic now sporting seven ratios and a pair of paddle shifters. The six-speed manual receives an intriguing piece of kit: an automatic throttle-blipping function to smooth out downshifts. Couldn't heel-toe even if your life depended on it? No worries, the car will do it for you!

The body is more rigid than the outgoing model, there's greater use of lightweight materials and despite the similarities in appearance, there's virtually no carry-over between the 350Z and the 370Z. News that will certainly delight those who never warmed to the 350Z's emotionless body and low-rent interior.

It's no secret that Nissan is gunning for top spot in the mid-range sports coupe stakes with the 370Z, and considering the car's new-found grunt, lighter kerb weight, more luxurious cockpit and gorgeous (if somewhat controversial) styling, we've no reason to doubt they'll make it there. With the GT-R taking scalps at the pointy end of the field and the 370Z poised to score even more kills in the middle of the pack, the only thing missing from Nissan's line-up is a low-cost yet well-balanced RWD sports coupe. Oh wait, that one's in the works too.

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