2008 Subaru Impreza STi JDM brochure revealed Photo:

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Steane Klose | Oct, 08 2007 | 0 Comments

The guys over at the North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club (NASOIC) have got the goods on the new STi by getting their hands on a Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) brochure.

Not only do we get a look-see at the interior but also some interesting information on the specs, thanks to the translation abilities of one of the NASOIC members.

The 2008 Impreza STi’s looks may have a question mark hanging over them but the rest of the package is hard to argue with and it would appear to be more than up to the task of taking on the new Lancer Evo X – future comparisons will certainly be something to look forward to.

Carscoop’s sources have indicated the new STi will be unveiled (in detail) later this week, so stay tuned…


Dimensions and specifications from the JDM brochure

• 226kW/304hp @ 6400rpm – 421Nm/ 311lb-ft @ 4400rpm

• 4415mm x 1795mm x 1475mm

• 173.8inch x 70.7inch x 58.1inch

• weight 1480kg/3263lb (1470kg/3241lb for 17" and 18" BBS option)

• 4-pot / 2-pot brakes (Black Brembo but with STI logo) appear to be standard and a 6-pot option may be available (brake details are not confirmed).

New Multi-mode VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) settings:

1. Normal

2. Traction

3. Off

The VDC switch is the closest to the steering wheel on the right.

Suggested settings:

Normal driving: SI-DRIVE (SPORT) + Multi-mode DCCD (AUTO) + Multi-mode VDC (NORMAL).

Spirited/Circuit driving: SI-Drive (SPORT #) + Multi-mode DCCD (AUTO -) + Multi-mode VDC (TRACTION).

Race/Motosports: SI-Drive (SPORT #) + Multi-mode DCCD (MANUAL) + Multi-mode VDC (OFF).

Snow: SI-DRIVE (SPORT or INTELLIGENT) + Multi-mode DCCD (AUTO +) + Multi-mode VDC (NORMAL).


[Sources: NASIOC via Carscoop]

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