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Steane Klose | Aug, 15 2007 | 9 Comments

Godzilla fans world wide will be marking their diaries for the official unveiling of the much anticipated Nissan GT-R at the Tokyo Motor Show on October 24th.

A ‘base’ model will be shown with the standard GT-R features including four wheel drive and twin-turbos. Expected to be packing 350kW a top speed of around 300km/h is expected, although sadly, buyers in Japan will have to settle for their usual 180km/h speed governor.

The part that gets me excited is the latest news regarding the GT-R’s engine. It is now rumored that it will be 3.8-litres in capacity and not part of the conventional VQ family of engines (350Z, V-series Skylines, Murano) as thought until recently. Instead it may be designated with a ‘VR’ code suggesting it will have more in common with the VRH35L from Nissan’s Le Mans Contender, the R390 GT1 (see below).


With a 7800 red line, titanium intake valves and an updated version of Nissans VVEL (Variable Valve Inlet and Lift) technology, our source mentions that the engine is being built to withstand upwards of 450kw but will be detuned to around 350kw for the base model.

The new GT-R platform is what Nissan call a ‘Premium Midship’ design as Nissan have focused heavily on weight distribution to ensure the ultimate handling package for the enthusiast. Pricing is expected to be 7,700,000 Million Yen or $80,000 AUD for the base model when it goes on sale in Japan early next year.

If the GT-R does make it to Oz at all (they would be stupid not to) expect it to land in the second half of 2008 with pricing well above $100,000.


[Source: 7Tune.com]

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