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Steane Klose | Nov, 16 2007 | 0 Comments

Nissan's new compact crossover the Dualis will be landing in Australia in early 2008 and bringing with it some unique green credentials that help reduce the manufacturers carbon footprint and add to production efficiencies.

The Dualis is being sourced from Nissan Motor Co's Sunderland plant in the UK where six wind-powered turbines currently produce five percent of the factory's total power needs with another two turbines being added to the on-site wind farm in January to boost the power contribution up to six percent.

This will deliver a cost saving of nearly $A2.5m a year and offset rising energy costs. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by up to 4,000 tonnes a year at power plants which currently supply the Sunderland factory with power. Nissan established the wind farm technology on the site two years ago.

"The wind farm reflects our ongoing commitment to environmental management and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from our operation. Being able to source the new model from a plant partly powered by green power reflects Nissan ecological mindset, which is supported by all its employees," said Nissan's David Swerdlow.


The Sunderland Plant's wind farm is the first of its kind within Nissan globally and its expansion supports the company's global ”Nissan Green Program 2010” which focuses on reducing CO2 emissions from Nissan's products and activities around the world, reducing other exhaust emissions and accelerating recycling efforts. Unlike most wind farms, Nissan's is enclosed entirely within an industrial area on low-lying ground thus minimising the impact on the local environment.

The Nissan Dualis has proven to be a huge hit throughout Europe and it is expected to prove just as popular in Australia. The Nissan Dualis will be available from $28,990 when it arrives in the new year. Tap the link if you are interested in the Australian pricing and specifications of the Nissan Dualis.

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