2008 Lexus IS-F is a 4.9 second 0-100 stormer Photo:

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Steane Klose | Oct, 15 2007 | 0 Comments

The Lexus IS-F is hardly new to this site, in fact we took a bunch of snaps at the Sydney Motor Show and had a good close up look at what we believe is going to be one exceptional performance four-door. Awesome in the flesh (especially in blue) it would also seem that the IS-F is endowed with the performance ability to shake the establishment and best of all, its rear-wheel drive!

Lexus have released some interesting numbers to coincide with the Australian unveiling of the IS-F last week. How does 0-100km/h in 4.9 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 270km/h sound? It’s about here that owners of E-Series HSV’s begin to lose interest because the IS-F appears to have the LS2 powered HSV range licked. We all know that HSV claim their E-Series Clubsport will pull a 4.9 but there has never been an independently timed run that has matched the rhetoric from Clayton.


Which means we are left with the Audi RS4 and the new BMW E92 M3 as the most likely Lexus IS-F competitors. Both manufacturers claim a 0-100 km/h time of 4.8 seconds, pipping the IS-F at the post by a tenth...or in other words there is bugger all in it. It should be very interesting.

For those new to the IS-F, it features a compact five-litre V8 that produces in excess of 300kW and 500Nm which is “plugged into” the world's first and fastest production eight-speed Sports Direct Shift (SPDS) gearbox, offering shifts in just 0.1 second.


To ensure that drivers of the IS-F receive the greatest driving experience, Lexus engineers have developed a special three-stage version of Lexus' Vehicle Dynamics integrated Management (VDiM) system.

The system allows drivers to set VDiM between fully on (Sport mode) or off and has apparently been so well developed that Lexus engineers were able to consistently lap test tracks quicker with the VDiM on - demonstrating that, in Sport mode, VDiM works with the driver rather than against – or that Lexus engineers don’t make particularly good drivers.

"From the tyres to the gearbox and engine, IS-F has been designed to stimulate the senses and deliver a driving experience that is unheard of in a Lexus. This vehicle has been developed with enthusiasts at heart - it's a unique performance car and a true driver's car,” said Lexus Australia chief executive John Roca

As can be seen in the pictures the Lexus IS-F will be instantly recognisable with its quad tailpipes, wider front guards, larger grille, rear spoiler and unmistakable bonnet bulge. On the inside, the IS-F will receive specially shaped and trimmed seats sports seats and the instrument panel will include an oil-temperature gauge and shift indicator lights, while the 'F' logo will be showcased throughout the vehicle.



Engine: 5.0-litre DOHC V8

Estimated power: more than 300kW

Estimated torque: more than 470Nm

Transmission: eight-speed Sports Direct Shift transmission with paddle shift manual mode


Front: 360mm ventilated and drilled discs with six-piston opposed aluminium calipers

Rear: 345mm ventilated and drilled discs with two-piston opposed aluminium calipers


Front: 19 x 8-inch BBS forged aluminium rims with 225/40R19 sport tyres

Rear: 19 x 9-inch BBS forged aluminium rims with 255/35R19 sport tyres


0-100km/h: under 4.9 seconds

Top speed: 270km/h (governed)


[Source: Lexus]


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