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Steane Klose | Aug, 07 2007 | 0 Comments

We don’t hear much about the old S2000 in Australia anymore but stateside it continues to be newsworthy and Honda have just released a new model to cater for the club racer set. The S2000 CR (Club Racer…) is being built in a limited run of 1500 units and promises to be a potential collectible.

Honda have attempted to combine all that is good about a road-car with what is required for a decent track car. They start with a standard S2000 and start by ditching stuff. Out goes the spare tyre, hood, factory tool-kit and any extraneous cabin insulation which is probably most of it. The stock radio and unnecessary ancillaries such as air-conditioning find the trash can as well, although you can re-option them when purchasing…


If you want to drive it in inclement weather then your only option is to use the aluminium hardtop that comes standard with S2000 CR. The idea behind the reasonably thorough strip-down is obviously to reduce weight and the S2000 CR weighs 45kg less than the standard S2000. Hardly seems worth it but the race track is where the difference will be noticed.


As there is no longer a softtop a rear strut-tower reinforcement can be fitted which increases lateral chassis stiffness by around 11 percent. The steering ratio is quickened and the steering-rack mounts are strengthened.


The S2000 CR’s suspension also comes in for a rework with higher spring and damping rates along with stiffer anti-roll bars. The standard wheels and tyres are swapped for 17-inch light-weight alloys and wider rubber.

You won’t be going any faster in a straight line as engine output from the manic VTEC remains unchanged but it won’t look that way to onlookers with the…ahem…unique looking body-kit exclusive to the CR. Looking like something cobbled together in a back yard in Box-Hill the look matters little as we won’t be seeing the S2000 CR in Australia. It’s a North American only proposition and will cost $US38,000 just in case your interested.



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