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Steane Klose | Apr, 10 2007 | 1 Comment

As I predicted in my previous post the mainstream media have picked up the Easter 'road toll ball’ and run with it. When interviewed earlier today by Southern Cross Media concerned at the 10 fatalities on Victorian roads over Easter, Mr Bracks had the following pearls of wisdom for us all. We all know that politicians don’t actually say what they mean so I’ve tried a little reading between the lines.

Mr Bracks said;

“I think we just have to redouble our messages to get more information out there, a bigger education campaign and I think we have to go in pretty strong,”

I think Mr Bracks is really saying that we are all stupid and that the TAC will have to create more ads explaining why speed kills because we obviously just don’t get it yet. Mr Bracks doesn’t mean ‘education’ as that would imply being taught and that costs real money. He means ‘indoctrination’ through yet another TAC marketing campaign.

Mr Bracks said;

“We’ve (previously) looked at education and enforcement in equal measure, that’s been an important attack on the road toll.”

What I think Mr Bracks really wanted to say but couldn’t was that they looked at ‘education’ but it was too expensive. Instead they decided to inform us with an ad campaign or two and call it education. Enforcement through the use of ’safety cameras’ was infinitely more profitable.

Mr Bracks said;

“Tourism was up over Easter, putting more cars on the road, but most deaths were caused by speed and reckless behaviour”.

No hidden meanings in this one. Mr Bracks is happy to blame the deaths on speed and reckless behaviour it fits his agenda perfectly and justifies all the 'safety cameras' even though they appear to achieve little aside from raising revenue.

Mr Bracks said;

“Comparatively this Easter was an absolute disaster and I think we all should be pretty ashamed of that.”

What I think Mr Bracks may have realised is that we should all be ashamed of a government who places revenue ahead of driver training and education and ultimately lives but thankfully (for him) we are collectively too stupid to grasp that fact. It is easier to make us feel guilty and pathetic.

Thankyou Mr Bracks. I’d just like to apologise on behalf of all Victorian motorists for the shame we have brought upon ourselves in your eyes. I’m sure we will all spend the next year learning how to drive properly by sitting on our backsides in front of the TV watching TAC commercials. Hopefully next Easter we can all do better.

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