Advertising on The Motor Report

The Motor Report was founded in 2007, and has since grown to become one of the premier trusted automotive editorial websites in Australia.

Now in the 'top ten' of Australian automotive sites* and growing - our traffic of consumers seeking product information and researching and comparing prices and features for their next vehicle purchase, offers a prime opportunity for advertisers seeking to put their products and brand campaigns in front of an in-market audience of 'warm' buyer prospects.

People who read The Motor Report have come to our site first for the independent, easily-digested and trusted information we provide.

Our mix of new car reviews, model information, pricing and specifications, and general automotive news, is to assist their car-buying decisions. It is our aim to make choosing the right model for these buyers' budgets and needs, easy.

The Motor Report offers a wide range of ad formats, ranging from IAB standard leaderboards and medium rectangles, to tall skyscrapers, and plenty of custom solutions for our advertising partners.

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*August 2010 Nielsen Online - Market Intelligence - Australia - Automotive Domestic Traffic Intelligence report