About TMR

The Motor Report was founded in 2007. It is now a 'top ten' automotive editorial site.

Our mission is to be Australia's most innovative and trusted independent automotive online resource for new car buyers; to provide you with the right product information in the most accessible format and style to assist your car buying research.

Our bottom line objective is to continue to enhance and refine what we do, to provide unbiased, accurate, expert and considered information so that making the right vehicle purchasing decision for your needs and budgets is easy.

Our editorial team is diverse and widely experienced, with journalism, engineering and motor industry backgrounds in policy development, consultation services to both Government and industry, and, of course, vehicle review.

Our enthusiasm is for cars - cars that you might consider owning - and for providing you with an easily digested 'plain English' comparison report on its strengths, weaknesses, capability and suitability of purpose, with direct comparisons to others in its market segment.

If we think it's a good buy we'll tell you; if we think there are better buys, we'll also tell you. We're independent, and don't duck the issue to please any manufacturer.

Our key personnel are:

  • Andrew Maclean: Managing Editor
  • Kez Casey: Journalist
  • Trevor Collett: Journalist
  • Stuart Perry: Dealer and Agency advertising