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Infiniti QX80 SUV Coming To Australia, Petrol Patrol To Be Repositioned

FRI, 1 MAY, 2015

Nissan’s luxury offshoot Infiniti will add the supersized QX80 SUV to its range in July, giving the premium brand a true rival to other upper...

Nissan Patrol Tugs Cargo Plane Into The Record Books: Video

FRI, 23 AUG, 2013

The Y62 Nissan Patrol has claimed the Guiness world record for "heaviest object towed by a production car", towing a 170-tonne cargo p...


2012 Nissan Patrol Preview Drive

TUE, 2 NOV, 2010

2012 NISSAN PATROL REVIEW It may be just over a year from arriving at a showroom near you, but to whet our appetites Nissan has given Austra...



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