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Mid-Engined Jaguar Supercar Imminent?

THU, 15 JAN, 2009

It looks like Jaguar may be making a return to the glory days of the early 1990s.

Jaguar Working On Four-Door Saloon?

THU, 8 JAN, 2009

According to the UK's Channel 4, Jaguar has confirmed plans for a four-door saloon which would see it competing with the the likes of the Por...

Jaguar XFR to be Officially Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

WED, 13 AUG, 2008

Jaguar has lately been moving ahead in leaps and bounds, finally grasping the concept behind its name.

Jaguar XF-R Spotted at Goodwood

MON, 14 JUL, 2008

Jaguar's newest model, the XF sedan, will soon have its own performance variant in the XF-R, a track-tuned V8-powered sports saloon.

Jaguar XF-R: This Cat's Got Claws

THU, 22 MAY, 2008

The carparrazzi at KGP photography have snapped what appears to be a 2010 Jaguar XF-R development mule running free in the wild.

Jaguar XF tested by Top Gear

THU, 27 DEC, 2007

Jaguar's new XF is currently making all of the right moves.

Jaguar XF reaches 3000 pre-orders in the UK

WED, 12 DEC, 2007

Jaguar’s new XF sedan has certainly polarized opinion across the globe.

2008 Jaguar XF saloon

TUE, 28 AUG, 2007

Jaguars all new XF Saloon – So far there have been unofficial official pictures, an embargo placed on the release of official pictures that found...

Jaguar XF four door saloon pictures

SUN, 26 AUG, 2007

Although Jaguar are not due to release these and other images until the 28th of this month, it hasn't stopped them finding their way onto the inter...