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Gaming: Forza Horizon Launching At Australian International Motor Show

TUE, 2 OCT, 2012

The latest addition to the popular Forza racing series will make its local debut at this month's Australian International Motor Show (AIMS).

Gaming: Forza Horizon Takes Simulator Out Of Forza Franchise [Video]

WED, 6 JUN, 2012

Video game publisher Turn 10 will inject a dose of the arcade formula into its popular racing franchise, with the arrival of October's Forza...

Suzuki SX4 mates With XBox 360, Results In XBox 360 Car

TUE, 6 JAN, 2009

I’ve got little time or patience for video games these days, but I did grow up a mad fan of the good ol’ Super Nintendo and the Nintendo Enter...


Codemasters RaceDriver GRID Review

SAT, 30 AUG, 2008

Codemasters have long been known for creating incredibly fun yet realistic driving games.


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