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Nissan Takes Wireless EV Charging To The Streets - And Kerbs (Video)

FRI, 11 DEC, 2015

Nissan has demonstrated how the “Fuel Station Of The Future” (Nissan’s words) might work, with a new wireless charging concept fo...

Volkswagen V-Charge: Autonomous Parking, Wireless EV Charging - Video

THU, 16 JUL, 2015

Volkswagen has revealed details of a futuristic carpark that sees cars parking and recharging themselves (if required) upon settling into a space.

BMW And Daimler Team Up On Future Wireless Charging Tech

WED, 9 JUL, 2014

BMW and Daimler have joined forces to fast-track development on inductive charging technology, as each carmaker looks to a universal standard for t...

Nissan To Double Leaf Battery Range, Infiniti EV Arriving 2017: Report

THU, 8 MAY, 2014

Nissan will reportedly look to ‘mainstream’ styling for its next Leaf electric vehicle, along with a battery pack capable of more than ...

Volvo C30 Electric Tests Wireless Charging Technology

TUE, 29 OCT, 2013

Volvo has stepped up its EV technology push, showcasing a new wireless charging system with a modified C30 Electric hatch this week.  This ...

Nissan Expanding Electric Family, Considering Wireless Charging: Report

MON, 2 SEP, 2013

Nissan is reportedly building on its commitment to the electric vehicle market, revealing plans to expand its EV fleet to five models.

Toyota Confirms Hydrogen Plans, Talks Next-Generation Prius

MON, 2 SEP, 2013

Toyota will unveil what is destined to become its first commercially available hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle at November’s Tokyo Moto...



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