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2008 VACC Cavalcade to the Vines

TUE, 18 NOV, 2008

Fancy the idea of spending some time with a whole bunch of vintage, classic and modern era cars, in one of Australia’s premier wine regions? If ...

Mazda Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen Jumps Ship To Tesla

TUE, 5 AUG, 2008

Franz von Holzhausen may not be a name most of you will instantly recognise, but if you've been paying attention to Mazda's recent (and striking) ...

Heels & Wheels: An Introduction

SAT, 28 JUN, 2008

Stefani Jelić is The Motor Report's female conscience.  Unfortunately, she's as much a car enthusiast as the rest of us, so she's rubbish as...

New vehicle registrations for June - part 2

THU, 5 JUL, 2007

For a little while now there has been speculation that 2007 will be the year that new car registrations crest the million unit milestone and no dou...