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Toyota Forecasts First Loss In 71 Years While Honda Considers Moving Out Of Japan

TUE, 23 DEC, 2008

The global economic crisis is fairly ripping its way through the balance sheets of the world’s car manufacturers, with Toyota being the latest t...

Toyota president acknowledges recent quality issues

FRI, 14 MAR, 2008

"I take this seriously and see it as a crisis.

Saturn Vue hybrid may be the first production lithium-ion plug-in

TUE, 15 JAN, 2008

Just yesterday, Toyota’s CEO Katsuaki Watanabe gave us an indication as to the future green initiative underway at Toyota and it includes the on...

Toyota outline bold eco-plans to meet 2020 CAFE standards early

MON, 14 JAN, 2008

In a speech made earlier this week, Toyota Motor CEO Katsuaki Watanabe has laid down the eco-friendly gauntlet by outlining a number of bold plans...




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