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Retrotastic: Jeremy Clarkson Examines The Japanese Car Enthusiast Scene Of The Late 80s / Early 90s

MON, 6 APR, 2009

If you’ve got an even ten minutes up your sleeve and you can handle the bad hair, this oldy-but-a-goody video of Jeremy Clarkson dropping int...

Tokyo's Concrete Jungle Slowly Taking Over

THU, 22 MAY, 2008

That sounds quite ominous, doesn't it? Lengths of concrete reinforcement steel—"reo" in tradey speak—sneaking out and wrapping itself around t...

JDM Minivan Onslaught Continues Unabated

FRI, 9 MAY, 2008

Mazda announced a new minivan for the JDM market today, called the Biante.



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