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Volvo Trucks Puts Self-Driving Technology To Work On Swedish Streets

THU, 18 MAY, 2017

Volvo has taken to the streets of Sweden with a fully-functional self-driving prototype - though perhaps not in the way you’d expect.

Koenigsegg One:1 Vs Volvo FH Truck In An Unlikely Showdown: Video

WED, 12 NOV, 2014

Volvo, it seems, is quite pleased with its new ‘I-Shift’ truck transmission so the Swedish car- and truck-maker was looking for a ...

Video: Volvo Trucks Lays Down Challenge To… Koenigsegg?

WED, 5 NOV, 2014

If you thought Volvo Trucks would be satisfied with having action star Jean-Claude Van Damme perform the splits across two prime movers, think again.

Volvo Trucks To Field-Test Bio-DME Biofuel-Powered Trucks

FRI, 16 OCT, 2009

EARLIER THIS YEAR, the Swedish Government announced plans to have the country free of its oil dependency by 2030. It is an undertaking that affect...



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