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NSW Number Plate 29 Sets New Auction Record

WED, 24 MAY, 2017

They don’t come up often, and each is one of a kind in every state, but one of NSW’s early issue number plates, 29, provided ...

Aston Martin to build 25 Classic DB4 GT Race Cars

TUE, 13 DEC, 2016

Aston Martin is set to follow Jaguar's lead by reviving one of its classic models as a new car.

Barn Find In France Uncovers 100 Cars Worth Up To AU$22 Million: Video

MON, 8 DEC, 2014

You may read about barn finds from time to time, but rarely are they as epic as this one.

Bill Ford Jr Purchases And Returns 1903 Model A To Detroit

MON, 17 DEC, 2012

The original series Model A we told you about in September has been purchased by none other than Bill Ford Jr.

Oldest Ford Model A For Sale Again

MON, 10 SEP, 2012

The oldest surviving Ford, a Model A, is up for sale.

2008 VACC Cavalcade to the Vines

TUE, 18 NOV, 2008

Fancy the idea of spending some time with a whole bunch of vintage, classic and modern era cars, in one of Australia’s premier wine regions? If ...



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