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Volkswagen Group Commits To Euro Target Of 95g/km Average By 2020

WED, 6 MAR, 2013

The Volkswagen Group has pledged to meet the European Commission’s (EC) target of 95g/km average CO2 emissions among its European market o...

Former Lamborghini Design Boss To Shape Future Bentleys

FRI, 14 SEP, 2012

Luc Donckerwolke has been appointed as Bentley’s new design chief, replacing Dirk van Braeckel who is shifting up the ladder within Volksw...

Skoda Octavia E-Line Enters Limited Production For Pilot Programme

MON, 5 SEP, 2011

Skoda's Octavia E-Line concept, unveiled at last year's Paris Auto Show, marked the Czech carmaker's first foray into electric vehic...

Skoda Octavia Green E Line Electric Vehicle Concept Revealed

TUE, 5 OCT, 2010

The number of Volkswagen-owned brands venturing into electric vehicles has grown again this week, with Skoda unveiling the all-electric Octavia ...

Speculation Grows Re New Entry-Level Porsche Roadster

THU, 19 AUG, 2010

News last month that former Audi product boss Matthias Mueller has been promoted to the driver's seat at Porsche fueled more speculation on ...

Porsche-Badged Golf on the Way?

SAT, 7 JUN, 2008

When you're one of the most desirable and exotic marques in the world, you might think that would be enough.  But when you've got shareholder...

The Boys Are Back in Town

WED, 16 APR, 2008

 As has been reported around the traps for nearly a year now, the most unapologetically ridiculous series of car movies is back for another s...

Lexus LS600h enjoys massive demand

WED, 5 DEC, 2007

Lexus released the flagship of their range, the hybrid LS600h in Australia on the 19th of November and if you were in any doubt as to the saleabil...

2008 Audi A4 official release

THU, 30 AUG, 2007

We previewed the new Audi A4 earlier this week when a solitary image became available before the official Audi press release was issued yesterday.

TMR 380 Runs Out Of Puff

TUE, 10 JUL, 2007

It comes as no great surprise that Mitsubishi Australia president, Rob McEniry, has announced that production of the TMR 380 supercharged Magna wi...


Film Review: Death Race (Jason Statham)

MON, 3 NOV, 2008

Well chaps, yet another hour and a half of Jason Statham’s grimaces and steely-eyed stares have been visited upon us, this time in the form of P...


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