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Judge Approves GM Sale To Speed Up Recovery Process

MON, 6 JUL, 2009

GM'S ROAD OUT of bankruptcy has been cleared today by US Federal Judge Robert Gerber, who ruled yesterday that the beleagured manufacturer can beg...

Chrysler-Fiat Deal Back On Track

WED, 10 JUN, 2009

YESTERDAY IT SEEMED that Chrysler's bid to shack up with a Fiat-led consortium and to commence its Government-ordered reorganisation was in jeopar...

Holden Calls Media Conference For 9:00am As GM Heads For Bankruptcy Court

MON, 1 JUN, 2009

IN A MOVE that will have surprised no-one: General Motors US will file for bankruptcy early tomorrow morning, Australian time. As outlined in an a...

Obama Cancels US$1.2 Billion Hydrogen Car Fund

MON, 11 MAY, 2009

A planned US$1.2 billion development fund for hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars set up by the former Bush administration has been dumped by US Presi...

Chrysler Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Expected To Be Announced

THU, 30 APR, 2009

Word on the wire is that US President Barack Obama will announce that Chrysler LLC will be placed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a move which will en...

Daimler Relinquishes Remaining Chrysler Stake

TUE, 28 APR, 2009

After lengthy negotiations Daimler has finally separated itself from Chrysler, with the announcement this week that the German company will return...

Fiat Boss Sergio Marchionne May Take Top Job In Chrysler Fiat Partnership

TUE, 14 APR, 2009

The deck chairs are still being rearranged on the deck of that ‘other Titanic’, the desperately struggling US carmaker, Chrysler LLC. Whether ...

GM Restructuring Plan: Cutting 47,000 Jobs, Seeking USD$30 Billion Aid To Avoid Collapse

WED, 18 FEB, 2009

GM US’s restructuring plan, posted on the US Treasury website, will make unpalatable reading for the US Administration and long-suffering US tax...