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ACT Responds To Critical Speed Camera Report: More Cameras

SAT, 16 MAY, 2015

The Australian Capital Territory Government will increase the number of speed cameras monitoring Canberra’s streets,  inject more cash i...

FIA Recognises University Of NSW's Electric Speed Record Claim

FRI, 24 OCT, 2014

It’s official: the new speed record for an electric vehicle set by the University Of New South Wales has been recognised by the FIA.

Decades-old Electric Vehicle Speed Record Broken By University Of NSW

WED, 30 JUL, 2014

A team of students from the University of New South Wales has rewritten the record for the fastest electric vehicle over 500 kilometres.

Speed Cameras In ACT 'Unreliable' And 'Ineffective': ACT Auditor-General

SUN, 23 MAR, 2014

The Australian Capital Territory Auditor-General, Dr Maxine Cooper, has slammed Canberra’s speed camera network, questioning their impact on ...

Sunswift eVe Solar Car: UNSW Designs A Future Car For Everyone

FRI, 21 JUN, 2013

The University of New South Wales’ Sunswift Team says its new eVe solar car could be a car for future everyday use.

University Of NSW Partnering With Mobileye On Driver Behaviour Study

WED, 10 APR, 2013

The University of New South Wales Transport and Road Safety Group (TARS) and Israeli company Mobileye have joined forces in a study of Australia...

University Of New South Wales Announces EV Partnership With Better Place Australia

TUE, 27 JUL, 2010

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is nailing its 'sustainable transport credentials' to the mast; it has announced today tha...

NSW RTA And UNSW Research Finds Drivers' Lives Undervalued

WED, 15 JUL, 2009

NEW RESEARCH by the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and commissioned by the RTA (NSW) has shown that traditional means of determining which r...



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