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Ford Kicks Off Autonomous Testing At University Of Michigan Mcity - Video

WED, 18 NOV, 2015

Ford has proudly announced that it is the first carmaker to take to the streets of Mcity - the University Of Michigan’s US$10 million purpose...

University Of Michigan Opens Sim City For Autonomous Cars: Video

TUE, 21 JUL, 2015

The University of Michigan’s simulated environment for the testing of self-driven cars is now a reality, with the university cutting the ribb...

Autonomous Vehicles Could Increase Motion Sickness: Study

MON, 13 APR, 2015

A study by the University Of Michigan has found that self-driven vehicles could lead to increased instances of motion sickness.

University Of Michigan Establishes Test Centre For Connected Cars

MON, 12 MAY, 2014

The University of Michigan will combine with a variety of interested parties to build a US$6.4 million “simulated urban environment”, s...

New ‘Smart Bridge’ Technology Could Prevent Otherwise Unforeseen Collapses

THU, 19 MAR, 2009

A new project is underway at the University of Michigan that will see monitoring systems built into bridges, allowing a greater level of control o...




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