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Track’ster Inspired Turbocharged Kia Soul Headed For US Market

WED, 1 JUN, 2016

It only sells in tiny numbers in Australia, but in the USA the Kia Soul is a big hit, registering healthy sales while acting as a halo model for Ki...

FPV to Release CGI TV Commercial

SUN, 6 JUL, 2008

Any more acronyms in that post title, and I reckon there's a record in it. Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) has taken a step into the future, relyi...

Subaru Exiga's Super Debut

WED, 18 JUN, 2008

For some reason, much of the Western media has been feverishly following the Subaru Exiga as if it were the second coming of Elvis or something.

2008 Jaguar XF TV commercial

MON, 11 FEB, 2008

Its no secret that TMR holds the new Jaguar XF in high regard.