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Audi Developing ‘Electric Biturbo’ Engine

MON, 24 SEP, 2012

Audi is developing a new twin-turbo system which uses an electrically-driven turbocharger in conjunction with a conventional turbocharger to eli...

Hyundai Reveals New 1.6 Turbo, 2.0 Diesel Engines

FRI, 21 OCT, 2011

Hyundai has announced a new turbocharged variant of the 1.6 litre Gamma petrol engine, along with a Euro VI compliant 2.0 litre R-Series turbodi...

Nissan May Embrace Turbochargers Once Again: Report

TUE, 4 AUG, 2009

A SENIOR ENGINEER for Nissan has hinted that the Japanese manufacturer may return to turbocharging in the near future. Nissan's Tetsuya Takahashi ...

BMW Investigating Triple-Turbo X5: Rumour

SAT, 11 APR, 2009

Rumour has it that BMW is considering the development of a Euro-market high performance diesel variant of the X5, which will sit below the recent...

MTM Tunes KTM X-Bow, Power/Weight Ratio Gets Ridiculous

FRI, 3 APR, 2009

When you've got a car that weighs slightly more than a pocketful of lint, you don't need big power to get it moving in a hurry. Try telling that t...

Lessons In Stupidity: Muffler-Mounted Turbochargers

TUE, 24 MAR, 2009

If you're ever feeling a little dumb, take solace in the fact that at least you didn't cook up the masterpiece you see pictured above. Unless of c...

Details Revealed On Next-Gen BMW 1-Series

FRI, 23 JAN, 2009

car magazine has apparently stumbled upon the next-generation 1-Series' spec sheet, revealing that the new model will be powered by a range of sma...