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Feature Article: 2014 Walkinshaw Supercharged V8 Review: 500kW And 550kW - Release The Beast

What's hot: Gut-busting power and torque blistering performance sensational sound. What's not: The ‘whole enchilada' is a bit boofy; massive thirst when tapped. X-FACTOR: No roll cage but this Walkinshaw upgrade turns an SS or R8 into a ‘V8 Supercar' for the streets. Vehicle style: Large high-performance sedan WPP Kit Price: 24 990 Base cars: Commodore SS VF 6.0 litre 45 190 plus WPP kit HSV E-Series Clubsport R8 73 490 plus WPP kit OVERVIEW When you ‘nail' 550kW and nearly 1000Nm things don't happen merely quickly. They explode. Even with traction control engaged there's a frantic scrabbling at the... continue reading