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Eight Darwin Award Contenders, A Trike, And A Dyno: Video

TUE, 11 NOV, 2014

To make it to a Darwin Award, you actually have to achieve death.

Tuesday Twist: Microcars On Film

TUE, 22 JAN, 2013

Some amazing things came out of the Fifties and Sixties, big and small.

Tuesday Twist: Rinspeed Micromax

TUE, 11 DEC, 2012

Rinspeed boss Frank Rinderknecht, purveyor of wacky and weird, has unveiled his company's 2013 Geneva Motor Show concept, the Micromax.

Honda VTR1000F-powered Tri Pod 1 Three-wheeler Kit On Sale In Australia

TUE, 13 NOV, 2012

Queensland-based Tri Pod Cars reckons four wheels is one too many.

Tuesday Twist: Merlin V12-powered Meteor Bentley For Sale

TUE, 6 NOV, 2012

The infamous Meteor Bentley - as seen on a certain British motoring program - has been put up for sale by its owner.

Tuesday Twist: Terry Wheeler's Scamander, And The Mitsuoka Viewt

TUE, 29 MAY, 2012

It comes as a comfort that there are still some delightfully bonkers cars being produced, despite the best efforts of governments and accountant...



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