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Truckies On The Caffeine Convoy Can Be Safer Drivers: Study

FRI, 22 MAR, 2013

For some, there is a truism in the phrase "I can't live without my coffee" - and perhaps for none more than Australia's truckies.

Study Says Trucking Safety Over-ridden By Customer Demands: QUT

FRI, 24 AUG, 2012

A new study has found that a master-slave mentality exists between Australia's trucking companies and the customers they supply - and it'...

Victorian Government To Use Noise Cameras From March

THU, 25 FEB, 2010

VICTORIAN ROADS AND PORTS Minister Tim Pallas announced this week that VicRoads will begin using a new noise camera system to monitor heavy vehi...

VicRoads Targeting Heavy Vehicle Speeding

MON, 5 OCT, 2009

THE VICTORIAN GOVERNMENT is set to introduce new laws this year to address heavy vehicle speed compliance. Aimed at reducing fatalities and injuri...