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Renault Trial Program Sees Old EV Batteries Used As Home Storage Systems

THU, 8 JUN, 2017

Renault has announced a new EV battery repurposing plan that will see out-of-use car batteries turned into home energy storage cells.

Apple’s Autonomous Driving Program, Courtesy Of Video Games

MON, 24 APR, 2017

The initial details of tech giant Apple’s first foray into the realm of autonomous driving systems have emerged via public record requests su...

Toyota Joins Zero Emissions Haulage Race With Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck

FRI, 21 APR, 2017

Toyota has thrown its hat into the big rig ring, unveiling its vision of a zero emissions semi truck in the United States, just days after Tesla CE...

LDV To Begin Electric Vehicle Trial In Australia

THU, 20 APR, 2017

A public trial of EV light commercial vans is set to begin in Australia later this year, with Chinese commercial vehicle brand, LDV, gearing up to ...

Nissan Starts Autonomous Vehicle Testing On European Roads

TUE, 28 FEB, 2017

Nissan has previewed its upcoming European on-road testing of autonomous vehicles with a demonstration on roads east of London.

Melbourne’s Citylink and EastLink Tollways To Begin Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Trials In 2017

WED, 21 DEC, 2016

The Victorian government has announced that, together with automakers and technology firms, it will begin testing semi-autonomous vehicle technolog...

Google’s Waymo and Chrysler Roll Out Autonomous Trial Vans

TUE, 20 DEC, 2016

Google’s vision of an autonomous future has a new name Waymo. And as part of the spin-off the company has rolled out the first...

BMW Unveils Next-Generation Smart Charging Network

TUE, 29 NOV, 2016

BMW has released details of an enhanced Digital Charging Network as part of its BMW i and i Performance electric vehicle network in Europe, which w...

Now That’s Convenient - Subaru Offers Mobile Servicing

TUE, 11 OCT, 2016

No more waiting for your car to be serviced, borrowing a replacement car from your dealer or finding public transport - Subaru is now rolling-...

Bentley Begins Fuel Delivery Trial In The US

FRI, 7 OCT, 2016

Bentley, and American technology start-up Filld have announced a new collaboration which will bring fuel to Bentley owners wherever they happen to ...



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