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What German Rail Company Deutsche Bahn's Plans For Autonomous Cars Tell Us About The Future

TUE, 24 MAY, 2016

The German Government-owned rail system, Deutsche Bahn, is planning to add autonomous cars to its transport service offering.

Russia Proposes London To New York Superhighway

WED, 1 APR, 2015

Those keen to cast off the shackles of air travel will one day be able to drive all the way from London to New York; if Russian Railways has its way.

Russia To The US By Undersea Rail?

MON, 29 AUG, 2011

More than a century since Russian Tsar Nicholas II dreamed of an undersea rail link to North America, plans are afoot for the world's longes...

Victoria Developing Technology To Warn Vehicles Of Nearby Level Crossings

TUE, 27 JUL, 2010

The Victorian Government has partnered with La Trobe University, motor industry group AutoCRC and the rail industry to develop new technolo...