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Melbourne: 'Continuous Flow' Design Proposed For Hoddle Street Intersections

MON, 23 MAR, 2015

Melbourne’s congested Hoddle Street is the focus of two new plans aimed at improving travel times in the area.

Victoria: Raised Safety Platform Intersection To Be Trialled In Geelong

SUN, 18 JAN, 2015

A notorious intersection in Geelong is about to become the first in Australia with raised safety platforms, under a trial conducted by Victoria&rsq...

WA: RAC Declares Traffic Signal Congestion Trial A Success

THU, 30 OCT, 2014

Western Australia’s RAC has declared its recent anti-congestion trial in Perth a success, reporting that the methods used “considerably...

Traffic Signals Easily Hacked, Australian Systems At Risk: Security Researcher

FRI, 2 MAY, 2014

Traffic signals around the world are easy targets for computer hackers, a US-based security researcher has warned.

Honda To Trial Car2Car Traffic Signal Information System In Japan

MON, 31 MAR, 2014

Honda is the latest carmaker to ramp up the push towards semi-autonomous vehicles, with a testing program set to begin soon on the streets of Utsun...

Audi Traffic Signal Recognition System Gets The Green Light

TUE, 11 MAR, 2014

Audi has revealed a nearly production-ready version of its Audi Online traffic light recognition system, following the debut of a prototype ‘...

BMW Pushing For Smarter, Adaptive Traffic Lights

TUE, 17 NOV, 2009

BMW HAS LAUNCHED a study it calls Green Wave, aimed at finding ways to lessen the impact of traffic light signals on emissions and fuel consumptio...




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