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Victorian Road Trauma: Rural Figures Up, Melbourne Figures Improving

MON, 24 JUN, 2013

The latest Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC) data shows an improvement in metropolitan road trauma figures, but rural figures are on...

Video: Victoria's TAC Launches New 'Bloody Idiot' Drink-driving Campaign

WED, 7 DEC, 2011

Victoria's Traffic Accident Commission has launched a new chapter in its long-running "Bloody Idiot" drink-driving campaign. ...

New TAC Television Commercial Aimed At Cannabis Using Drug Drivers: Video

WED, 15 JUL, 2009

A NEW TELEVISION advertisement by Victoria's Traffic Accident Commission continues the shock tactics the organisation's commercials have become kn...

Ban on Hands-Free Phone Usage - Debate Continues

THU, 15 JAN, 2009

With America's National Safety Council (NSC) calling for an all-out ban on mobile phone usage while driving, debate has continued amongst us Aussi...




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