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Innovative Mobile Refuelling Keeps Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mirai Fleet On The Road

Toyota hasn’t let the lack of hydrogen refuelling facilities in Australia stand in the way of racking-up kilometres with its fleet of prototy...

Toyota Mirai Test Fleet Arrives In Australia

Toyota Australia sees hydrogen as the perfect replacement for petrol-powered cars in Australia, and a more viable solution than electric vehicles.

Toyota Australia Targets Commercial Fleets With Long-Term Hydrogen Plan

Hydrogen as a fuel source may only be in its infancy compared to fossil fuels, but Toyota Australia is keen to start a conversation with politician...

Behind The Wheel Of Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Future

The future of mobility around the world is rapidly changing.

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test-Vehicle Coming To Australia

Toyota Australia will bring its hydrogen fuel cell powered Mirai here, for the World Hydrogen Technologies Convention in Sydney during October.

Toyota And Mazda Partnering On Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Japanese giants Toyota and Mazda will reportedly team up to further the advancement of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, extending a partnership that al...

Toyota Mirai Gets Pace Colours On For NASCAR Racing Series

Toyota’s new Mirai has become the first-ever hydrogen-fuelled car to pace the NASCAR racing series, appearing at the weekend’s rou...

Volkswagen Says Hydrogen Cars ‘A Sales Struggle’ Outside Japan: Report

Volkswagen’s Japan boss, Shigeru Shoji, reportedly believes hydrogen-powered vehicles will struggle to sell outside of the Japanese market.

The Week That Was: Hyundai Genesis, Australian Motoring Festival, Ford Edge

The Hyundai Genesis for Australia was previewed this week, and we learnt that a V8-powered option won’t be available in local Hyundai dealers...

Hydrogen Toyota FCV Launching In Japan, Priced From AU$73,000: Video

Toyota’s hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) has been revealed in Japan, with pricing in Toyota’s home market to start from around...

Toyota FCV To Begin Production In December: Report

Toyota will reportedly commence production of its first-ever mass market fuel cell vehicle, the FCV, in December of this year.

2013 Tokyo And Los Angeles Motor Shows: Ten Of The Best

The 2013 LA Auto Show and Tokyo Motor Show are both in full swing, bringing a feast of new models and concepts out into the open.

Toyota Previews FCV Hydrogen Car, Expects Prius-Like Market Success

Toyota has launched the car it believes will one day kill off its own Prius, the Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) Concept.

Toyota Details Hydrogen Powered FCV Concept Ahead Of Tokyo

Toyota has released images and details of its new hydrogen fuel-cell powered FCV concept, set to be unveiled at this month’s Tokyo Motor Show.

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