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Clarkson 'Reveals' Identity Of The Stig

TUE, 27 JAN, 2009

The identity of The Stig has been a hotly-debated topic of late and now Top Gear's own Jeremy Clarkson has waded into the controversy.

Ben Collins Is The Stig?

TUE, 20 JAN, 2009

Some say he eats glass because he likes the ‘crunch’ and that he cut off his ears to aid his personal aerodynamics.

Top Gear UK Is Back On British TV – Season 12

MON, 3 NOV, 2008

This Sunday just gone (UK time) saw the return of the one true Top Gear to British television sets, and to computer screens of net-savvy fans arou...

Top Gear Australia Episode 2 - The Verdict?

MON, 6 OCT, 2008

With around half an hour to go before episode two of Top Gear Australia screens on SBS, it is perhaps worth reflecting on the aftermath of last wee...

Top Gear Australia’s Take On The Toorak Tractor

FRI, 3 OCT, 2008

Those of us not living in the state of Victoria (Australia, of course) probably have no idea what a Toorak Tractor is.

Top Gear Now On Youtube and Your Chance to Join the Oz Top Gear Audience

MON, 25 AUG, 2008

Top Gear and Youtube isn't a new concept.

Nissan R35 GT-R Crashed by Top Gear Magazine

MON, 21 JUL, 2008

Accidents do happen - even for the guys at Top Gear magazine.

SBS to produce Aussie Top Gear

MON, 19 NOV, 2007

The Herald Sun has reported today that SBS are looking to produce a “quintessentially Australian” version of BBC’s Top Gear motoring program.

BBC considering Top Gear USA series

WED, 25 JUL, 2007

We know Jeremy doesn’t have a lot of time for Americans in general and American cars in-particular which is a shame (about the people) but in som...

2008 911 GT2 picture gallery

SAT, 14 JUL, 2007

We've previously provided all of the details currently known about the new GT2, whose official brochure 'unofficially' found its way onto the inter...