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NRMA Study Finds Sydney 'Rat-run Short-cuts' Cost Time And Burn Fuel

MON, 14 SEP, 2015

The NRMA has set out to answer an age-old question with a new survey focusing on Sydney’s toll roads.

Australian Motorists Paying $63 Billion Per Year In Running Costs: Bingle

MON, 9 JUN, 2014

Australian motorists are collectively paying $63 billion per year in running costs to keep their cars on the road, according to the 2014 Bingle Cos...

Australia’s Last Cash Toll Booth Consigned To History After 203 Years

TUE, 2 JUL, 2013

Australia’s last cash toll booths on the M5 South West Motorway in Sydney rolled down the shutters for the last time on Sunday night.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Bidding Farewell To Toll Booths

FRI, 15 MAR, 2013

The Sydney Harbour Bridge will shed its southern toll booths in mid-2014, in a bid to improve traffic flow.  While still present, the b...

Australia's Road Systems Out Of Date: Expert

FRI, 24 JUL, 2009

[caption id="attachment_38075" align="aligncenter" width="555" caption="There have been 793 road deaths on Australian roads in 2009 to the end of J...



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