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SS-T: The Magic Inside the Evo X
Mitsubishi Evo X SST Transmission

There's been a great deal of conjecture about the next generation Lancer Evolution, dubbed the Evo X—although MMC don...

Apr 14, 2008 (9 years ago)


ACCC: No Knight In Shining Armour

THU, 28 MAY, 2009

THE AUTOMOTIVE TRADE, or more to the point, the automotive retail sales industry, is a dark business.

The Real McCoey: What’s Stopping You?

SAT, 18 OCT, 2008

I get asked questions daily about cars and their components, and one question that seems to follow me around is the question of brakes: "What do I...

The Real McCoey on The Drivers Dance - The Art of Heel and Toeing

WED, 10 SEP, 2008

Okay, you’ve no doubt heard of ‘heel and toeing’, and perhaps (as I know some of you practice this technique) have already mastered the art.

The Real McCoey on RON - Research Octane Number

SAT, 23 AUG, 2008

RON? Not your next-door neighbour. What does the RON number mean in regard to petrol? Unleaded fuels carry a RON (Research Octane Number) rating.

The Real McCoey - Power and Torque Talk

MON, 28 JUL, 2008

In order to properly ascertain what Power and Torque actually are, it is essential to have an understanding of what the two terms really mean as o...

The Internet and Car Advice

TUE, 8 JUL, 2008

We all know that the internet is an almost unlimited resource of information on just about any subject.

The Real McCoy – Buck Saving Bowser Tactics

MON, 16 JUN, 2008

By Daniel McCoey With the price of regular unleaded topping $1.60 in Australia this week, protests breaking out across Europe at the price o...

The Real McCoy On The Leyland P76 - Giving It The Boot

MON, 9 JUN, 2008

The Leyland P76 has been considered a joke by the motoring fraternity and public for over three decades now and I am wondering if it is a reputa...

What’s Missing in the Australian Automotive Market? Part 2

SUN, 11 MAY, 2008

Tough times are here, just ask any farmer about the drought.