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Careful What You Regulate: My Car May Emit Here, But Yours Emits Everywhere

TUE, 19 MAY, 2009

You know, I am mightily impressed by the Tata Nano.

Car Scrapping, Scale Economies And Fiat’s Goldilocks Principle

MON, 11 MAY, 2009

Sergio Marchionne, Fiat’s Chief Executive Officer, famously averred that car companies need to sell 5.5 million vehicles a year, and one million...

Pricing Options On A Car: Discrimination And Relativity

WED, 22 APR, 2009

I want to talk to you about iDrive, which of course is BMW’s in-cabin computer system that provides an interface for its creature comforts – t...

Addicts, Petrol Tax And Inelastic Demand

TUE, 17 MAR, 2009

I was waiting yesterday for a pathologically indolent friend at a suburban restaurant when I decided to divert myself by flipping through the one ...

Rubber Bands And The Automobile Industry

THU, 5 MAR, 2009

Right then, who’s up for an experiment in the name of scientific discovery and intellectual edification? Come on. It really is uncomplicated - al...

I Like My Diesel Black, Please, And Keep It Coming

THU, 26 FEB, 2009

The economic concept of ‘opportunity cost’ is one that was never more relevant than in these hard times. It essentially says that the scarcity...