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Video: Nissan ‘R35’ GT-R Crashes Behind Evo IX MR

WED, 18 MAR, 2009

Car Enthusiasts 101, Lesson #483: It turns out that buying a hero car doesn’t make you a hero, as this unlucky Nissan GT-R driver ex-driver disc...

Porsche Test Driver Killed In 911 Development Mule Crash

TUE, 17 FEB, 2009

As far as jobs go, being a test driver for Porsche would have to be one of the coolest ones out there.

Hamilton Crashes a Carrera GT

FRI, 6 JUN, 2008

Anthony Hamilton, the father of F1 racer Lewis, had a friend (and we do mean had in the past-tense) with a Porsche Carrera GT who offered to let hi...

Another dented R35 GT-R

FRI, 11 JAN, 2008

I've always thought it was a little morbid posting pictures of crashed cars but hey...they seem to be popular with most people.




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