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Tow Trucks Are Overrated Anyway

FRI, 10 APR, 2009

Broken something important and your wheels aren't quite pointing the direction they should? A minor inconvenience no doubt, but don't call that...

Man And Machine Bonding: Michigan Man Traps Himself In Fuel Filler

THU, 2 APR, 2009

Take a note of this bloke's name folks, we're sure he'll be winning himself a Darwin Award down the track. In Michigan, a chap by the name of Vict...

Man Copulates With Car Wash Vacuum, Earns 90-Day Jail Term For His Trouble

THU, 26 MAR, 2009

Ever noticed the vacuum hose at your local car wash "giving you the eye"? Got a thing for corrugated plastic hosing? For god's sake don't act upon...

Lessons In Stupidity: Muffler-Mounted Turbochargers

TUE, 24 MAR, 2009

If you're ever feeling a little dumb, take solace in the fact that at least you didn't cook up the masterpiece you see pictured above. Unless of c...

And Now, A Brief Moment Of Zen...

TUE, 3 MAR, 2009

We get the feeling no amount of straps will be able to restrain this monster. For those that haven't yet realised, MX-5s are rear-wheel-drive.



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