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Motorists Caught Out By Misleading Fuel Price Boards: NRMA

FRI, 6 JUL, 2012

A new survey by motoring services body NRMA has found that a staggering one-in-two motorists have been stung by misleading fuel price boards in ...

NRMA: Two-Thirds Of NSW Motorists Drowsy While Driving

WED, 21 JUL, 2010

New research from insurer NRMA shows that around 50 percent of motorists in New South Wales are getting less than seven hours of sleep each nigh...

Pedestrians At Increased Risk On The Road: AAMI

MON, 7 JUN, 2010

New research by insurer AAMI has found that over just over one quarter of Australian motorists consider pedestrians to be a hazard while driving.