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Northern Territory Open Speed Limits Still Available To Carmakers - Gunner

TUE, 20 SEP, 2016

Criticised for his government’s decision to scrap the open speed limit trial in the Northern Territory as a matter of urgency, this week Labo...

Northern Territory Open Speed Limits Scrapped By Incoming Labor Government

WED, 31 AUG, 2016

Despite what could only be described as a successful return to open speed limits in parts of the Northern Territory, the new NT government has decl...

NSW And Northern Territory Look To Speedier Future

FRI, 4 SEP, 2015

The governments of New South Wales and the Northern Territory are both looking to increase speed limits on some of their major roads.

Low Speed Limits "Increase Risk" Says US Transport Professor; NT Expanding Open Trial

THU, 9 JUL, 2015

A road safety expert in the US has declared the unthinkable: that "artificially low speed limits make roads less safe".  He ...

Don’t Try This At Home: 918 Clocks 350km/h On Australia’s Stuart Hwy

TUE, 14 APR, 2015

Porsche has taken to the Australian outback to demonstrate the massive potential of its new 918 Spyder.

NT Govt Pushing For Expansion Of Open Speed Limit Trial

THU, 10 APR, 2014

The Northern Territory Government is considering an expansion of its new open speed limit trial, launched late last year.

Northern Territory Trialling Return To Open Speed Limits

TUE, 15 OCT, 2013

The Northern Territory government has today announced a trial of open speed limits on a section of the Stuart Highway, with a view to a permanent r...

NT Opposition Proposes Scrapping Of Highway Speed Limits

TUE, 18 AUG, 2009

THE OPPOSITION COUNTRY LIBERAL PARTY has proposed that the 130km/h speed limit set in place by the Northern Territory's incumbent Labor party be d...



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