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Rare Australian Repco-Engined Rennmax Stolen

MON, 23 DEC, 2013

UPDATE Jan 8, 2014: We are pleased to report that the Rennmax has been found, parked - remarkably - on the side of the road in Belgrave South, Vict...

Number Plate Recognition Detects Infringements, Stolen MINI In Victoria

TUE, 20 DEC, 2011

Victoria Police wheeled out its Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology again this week, with a four-hour operation picking up 69 unresolv...

NSW To Ban Re-Registration For Written-Off Vehicles

FRI, 9 APR, 2010

IN AN EFFORT to curb the use of stolen vehicles and parts in the 'rebirthing' of written-off vehicles, the New South Wales Government pl...

Vehicle Identification Labels Too Easily Forged: National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council

TUE, 13 OCT, 2009

National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC), current vehicle identification labels are too easily forged by car thieves, the fake labe...



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