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2010 Toyota Corolla Range Now With VSC As Standard

FRI, 19 MAR, 2010

TOYOTA HAS extended the availability of vehicle stability control (VSC) across the entire Corolla range, making VSC and traction control standar...

RACV Study Finds Drivers More Interested In Looks Than Safety

MON, 27 JUL, 2009

A SURVEY CONDUCTED by the RACV has found that an alarming number of Victorian drivers value a car's appearance and size above its safety equipment...

Nissan Develops Cornering Assistance System

MON, 27 JUL, 2009

NISSAN HAS ANNOUNCED that the next generation Nissan Fuga will debut a suite of newly-developed driver assistance technologies, including two syst...

Federal Government To Make Electronic Stability Control Mandatory From 2011

TUE, 23 JUN, 2009

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has followed Victoria's lead and decided to move ahead with plans to make electronic stability control (ESC) mandatory under...

Honda Jazz, City To Get Stability Control As Standard Next Year

MON, 15 JUN, 2009

HONDA AUSTRALIA has announced that the Honda Jazz and City will be fitted with stability control as standard from late next year onwards. When we ...

Victoria To Make Stability Control Mandatory By 2011

THU, 11 JUN, 2009

VICTORIA WILL BECOME the first state in Australia to make stability control a compulsory standard feature on all new passenger cars and light comm...

2009 Toyota Corolla Gets Stability And Traction Control

MON, 19 JAN, 2009

Toyota Australia has announced the availability of Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC) across the full Corolla range. Start...

Stability Control To Be Mandatory For Five-Star Rating Under Euro NCAP

SAT, 8 NOV, 2008

Good news on the car safety front.