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Nissan GT-R Obtains SEVS Approval

MON, 18 AUG, 2008

In news that is not going to impress Nissan Australia but make a lot of cashed-up enthusiasts feel a bit constricted in the 'pantal' region, the ne...

Mitsubishi Evo X Oz models pricing and specifications

THU, 5 JUN, 2008

Mitsubishi are yet to release official details concerning their Evo X Australian line-up, but if you know where to look... The Aussie Evo X line-u...

2009 Volkswagen Passat CC four door coupe

MON, 14 JAN, 2008

Another 2008 Detroit Auto Show debutant is Volkswagen’s Passat CC.

Toyota unveil their A-BAT hybrid pickup concept

FRI, 28 DEC, 2007

Toyota have unveiled their A-BAT hybrid pickup concept in time for its Detroit Auto Show debut in January 08.

Chevrolet Lumina SS voted Best Sports Saloon for 2007

THU, 13 DEC, 2007

It would seem that our home grown VE Commodore is adding some more silver to its trophy cabinet, this time overseas.

Holden Ute will be no El Camino

SAT, 1 DEC, 2007

Hopes of the famous Chevy El Camino nameplate being resurrected for the Holden supplied Ute in the US appear to have been dashed with new informat...


2008 BMW 125i Coupe Road Test Review

THU, 6 NOV, 2008

Some things are just plain wrong.


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