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Saab Saved As Spyker And GM Finalise Sale

WED, 24 FEB, 2010

AFTER MONTHS of uncertainty and rumours, news in January that GM and Spyker had reached a binding agreement on the sale of Saab ensured the Swed...

Saab Saved: GM And Spyker Reach Agreement

WED, 27 JAN, 2010

FOLLOWING REPORTS earlier this week that a deal was in sight, GM has announced today that it has reached a binding agreement with niche sports car...

GM And Spyker Nearing Agreement On Saab Sale: Report

MON, 25 JAN, 2010

NOW WELL PAST the January 7 deadline for potential buyers to enter final bids, GM and niche sports carmaker Spyker are reportedly nearing a d...

Saab Sale Unlikely, GM Boss Says

THU, 7 JAN, 2010

WITH THE FINAL DEADLINE for intending buyers to submit a bid for Saab mere hours away, GM CEO Ed Whitacre has said today that a sale seems un...

GM Extends Saab Deadline To January 7, Spyker To Make Final Bid

TUE, 5 JAN, 2010

IN THE ONGOING saga of Saab's life and death, GM has reportedly set a new deadline of January 7 for Spyker to submit a third and final bid for the...

Saab 9-5 Production Back On Schedule, GM Extends Sale Deadline: Report

THU, 31 DEC, 2009

DESPITE BEING ON THE VERGE of death earlier this month, the Saab saga is still far from resolved.

Spyker Makes 11th Hour Amendments To Saab Bid

MON, 21 DEC, 2009

LESS THAN TWO days ago, GM announced it would begin winding down Saab operations after negotiations with Spyker broke down.

GM Accepting New Offers For Saab, Spyker Believed To Be Interested

WED, 2 DEC, 2009

FOLLOWING ITS MONTHLY board meeting on Tuesday, GM has announced it has received "expressions of interest" in Saab and will evaluate offers until ...