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Speeding Motorists Could Soon Get Penalty Notifications Via SMS
Text Messages To Notify Motorists Of Speeding Penalties

Speeding motorists caught by fixed cameras in Queensland may soon find a penalty notice in their SMS inbox, if a reco...

Aug 9, 2010 (7 years ago)
NSW: Speeding Motorists To Be Checked For Unregistered And Uninsured Vehicles
Speeding Vehicles In NSW To Be Checked For Registration And Insurance From August

NSW POLICE will soon begin cross-checking the number plates of speeding motorists against the RTA NSW database in a h...

Apr 27, 2010 (8 years ago)


NSW Speed And Red Light Cameras Could Total 200 By 2016: Report

SUN, 8 JUN, 2014

The New South Wales government will reportedly add up to 74 new combined speed and red light cameras to the existing network over the next 18 month...

ACT Road Cameras Raking In More Than $23,000 Each Day

THU, 18 APR, 2013

Motorists in Australia's capital are forking out more than $23,266 per day in fixed speed and red light camera fines.

NSW Government Begins Removal Of Deactivated Speed Cameras

FRI, 14 OCT, 2011

The New South Wales Government has started works to remove a number of fixed speed cameras found in a July audit to be ineffective in reducing t...

Vic Government: Speed Cameras Not Just Revenue Raisers

WED, 31 AUG, 2011

An audit of Victoria's speed cameras has concluded that the network is effective in saving lives and improving road safety.

Clunes To NSW Government: Hands Off Our Camera

TUE, 2 AUG, 2011

The far-north New South Wales community of Clunes has won a battle the state government probably never expected to be in: the right to keep its ...

Victorian Speed Camera Audit Report Due In August

THU, 28 JUL, 2011

News of the New South Wales Government axeing 38 of its 141 fixed cameras has brought renewed focus to Victoria's current speed camera audit.

NRMA On Speed Cameras: Show Us The Numbers

TUE, 26 JUL, 2011

NRMA Motoring & Services is calling on the New South Wales Government to release details of the revenue raised and the lives saved by the st...

Victoria's Hume Cameras Remain Off, NSW Speed Zones Under Review

THU, 23 JUN, 2011

Victoria's point-to-point speed cameras on the Hume Highway will remain off for the foreseeable future, the State Government confirmed today...

Speed Camera Audit Under Way In NSW

MON, 11 APR, 2011

The New South Wales Government has begun an audit this week of the state's speed camera network. The announcement follows news last week...

NSW Demerit System Up For Change, Cameras To Be Clearly Signed

WED, 24 NOV, 2010

In a rare win for motorists, the New South Wales demerit points system will soon get an overhaul that will include more points and fewer chances...