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What Grinds My Gears: The Pedestrian Council
What Grinds My Gears: The Pedestrian Council

Of late, one of my least favourite people is a certain Harold Scruby. He's the 'chief executive' of the Pedestrian...

Aug 11, 2008 (9 years ago)
Park Your Maserati on Your Balcony
Alternative car parking methods

The world's population keeps on growing, but recent discoveries have shown that the overall dimensions of Earth are not...

Aug 1, 2008 (9 years ago)
The New CO2 Solution: Bury It in the Ocean
The New CO2 Solution: Bury It in the Ocean

Climate change has replaced recycling as THE environmental cause du jour, with the phrase being on everyone's lips. And...

Jul 16, 2008 (9 years ago)


Intelligent Speed Assist Development To Continue, But Public Perception A Problem

MON, 7 JUN, 2010

Development of Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) technology appears set to continue in Victoria, following last week's Government-hosted r...

Coroner To Study Victoria's Road Deaths History

FRI, 12 FEB, 2010

THE CORONERS COURT of Victoria has announced this week that it will undertake a study of the State's road deaths over the past decade at the reque...

Generation Y Buying Greener, Brand-New Cars

WED, 10 FEB, 2010

AFFORDABILITY, RELIABILITY and styling; three factors most people consider when buying a new car.

Lift Legal Drinking Age To Lower P-Plate Accidents: Prime Minister

TUE, 9 FEB, 2010

PRIME MINISTER Kevin Rudd wants to see the legal drinking age in Australia raised to 21 years. Talking on ABC Television's Q&A progr...

2010 World Car of the Year Finalists Revealed

FRI, 5 FEB, 2010

AROUND THIS TIME each year, World Car of the Year (WCOTY) - judged by a panel of journalists drawn from around the world - reveals its list o...

South Australian MP Takes Speeding Ticket To Court, Wants Laser Guns Tested

THU, 4 FEB, 2010

Independent MP Bob Such has taken a $300 speeding ticket to court this week, requesting that a speed-detecting laser gun be handed over for indepe...

Shane Warne Picks Up Lamborghini Murcielago As Lambo's First Australian Ambassador

THU, 4 FEB, 2010

RECENTLY APPOINTED Lamborghini's first Australian ambassador - a duty shared internationally with the likes of David Beckham and Frank Sinatra - c...

Petrol Prices Fall 2.5 Cents, Unlikely To Last

TUE, 2 FEB, 2010

NEW FIGURES FROM the Australian Institute of Petroleum show that the average price of petrol has dropped 2.5 cents per litre in the past week. Acc...

Top Gear iPhone Game On The Way? Report

TUE, 26 JAN, 2010

THE TOP GEAR juggernaut looks set to take its first step into the video game realm, with reports out of Europe this morning suggesting an iPhone g...

2010 Brisbane Motor Show Postponed

MON, 25 JAN, 2010

the 2009 Brisbane Motor Show thanks to the global financial crisis, show organisers have now announced the postponement of the 2010 Brisbane ...


Queensland To Review Roadwork Signage To Reduce Driver Frustration

WED, 20 JAN, 2010

QUEENSLAND MAIN ROADS Minister Craig Wallace announced this week that the State Government will review signage around roadwork sites in an effort ...


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