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Infiniti EX Badged As Nissan Skyline Crossover For Japan Market

FRI, 17 APR, 2009

Available in US and European markets, Nissan’s luxury arm Infiniti is set to release its EX all-wheel-drive ‘crossover SUV’ in Japan, where ...

Man Builds GT-R Bodied RWD Honda Legend, World Wonders "Why?"

MON, 23 MAR, 2009

Say you decided your 1994 Acura (nee Honda) Legend coupe was a little bit limp-wristed.

Inside Line Pits Genesis Coupe Against G37 Coupe, Results May Surprise

TUE, 3 MAR, 2009

Ever since we tested one way back in November last year, pretty much all of us here at the kindergarten that is the TMR office agree the V36 Skyli...

2009 Nissan 370Z Tech Specs Revealed

WED, 12 NOV, 2008

The all-important power rating of the all-new Nissan 370Z has finally been revealed, and 248kW (332hp) is the magic number. That's 18kW (24hp) mor...

TMR Rides Along With The Skylines Australia Putty Road Cruise 2008

FRI, 31 OCT, 2008

Car enthusiasts get a lot of attention in the 'traditional' media, and unfortunately very little of it is positive.

Nissan Skyline 370GT Now Available In Australia

FRI, 24 OCT, 2008

Given that we are a nation of red-blooded, RWD-lovin', performance-mad and value-obsessed car junkies, it's hard to imagine why Nissan never chose...

Nissan GT-R Obtains SEVS Approval

MON, 18 AUG, 2008

In news that is not going to impress Nissan Australia but make a lot of cashed-up enthusiasts feel a bit constricted in the 'pantal' region, the ne...

Godzilla attacks! R35 GT-R goes racing at Superlap Time Attack

THU, 17 JUL, 2008

We all know Nissan's new R35 GT-R is faster than the 911 Turbo and we've just seen how it fares against a Japanese bullet train, but how does it g...

Jensen Inteceptor gets modernised with LS2 Power

SAT, 17 MAY, 2008

Classic cars have always been popular with those wanting a classy, eye-catching car for the weekend, however one of the main problems with owning ...

Infiniti G37 Convertible Set for US Market

WED, 14 MAY, 2008

On the list of questions titled "Cars we don't get in Australia", followed by answers beginning with "Why the hell not?", the Infiniti G37—and i...


2008 Nissan Skyline Coupe 370GT Road Test Review

THU, 20 NOV, 2008

Is the Japanese interloper a poor imitation of German favourites, or does it combine the same Teutonic appeal with a bargain-bin price tag? ...


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