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Australian World-First Research Into The Effects Of Drugs On Driving

THU, 7 MAY, 2009

Regulators and the police provide constant reminders about the dangers of driving while affected by illegal substances.

Racing Simulators Might Inspire Real-World Purchases

TUE, 10 FEB, 2009

In what might seem like a "well, duh" moment for the rest of us, researchers with the Financial Post have recently concluded studies indicating th...

Ferrari to get 'Ringside Presence in New Facility

MON, 25 AUG, 2008

Aside from being the world's most challenging racetrack and the venue for one of the most demanding 24-hour endurance races ever, the Nurburgring ...

Atari Set to Release RACE Pro Simulator for Xbox 360

FRI, 1 AUG, 2008

Swedish gaming studio SimBin—developers of popular PC racing simulators GT Legends and RACE - The Official WTCC Game—and Atari are preparing t...