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Toyota Offloads Tesla Shareholding

MON, 5 JUN, 2017

 Toyota has revealed that is has divested itself of a five percent stake in American EV manufacturer Tesla.

Aston Martin Raising Funds For New Models: Report

SUN, 21 DEC, 2014

Aston Martin is reportedly looking to secure more funds to step-up its recovery effort, with a view to producing new models.

Ferrari Shares For Sale, But Likely To Remain Family-Owned

THU, 30 OCT, 2014

Ferrari fans will soon be able to purchase a small slice of their beloved Italian carmaker, but they’re unlikely to be able to influence the ...

Hyundai's $11.2 Billion Property Buy Drives Investor Backlash

MON, 22 SEP, 2014

Hyundai’s investors are reportedly displeased over the carmaker’s decision to spend AU$11.2 billion on a ‘trophy property’,...

Daimler Buys Stake In Tesla To Accelerate EV Development

WED, 20 MAY, 2009

German automaker Daimler AG has announced its purchase of an almost 10 percent equity stake in US electric car start-up Tesla, an acquisition which...

Daimler Relinquishes Remaining Chrysler Stake

TUE, 28 APR, 2009

After lengthy negotiations Daimler has finally separated itself from Chrysler, with the announcement this week that the German company will return...

Abu Dhabi Considering Opel Investment

TUE, 7 APR, 2009

The wealthy emirate of Abu Dhabi is reportedly in discussions with German labour unions over the potential purchase of a stake in GM's struggling ...

US Auto Industry Woes Hit Wall Street

TUE, 31 MAR, 2009

While GM and Chrysler are no doubt pleased at the US Government’s approval of further short-term financial aid (think of it more as a stay-of-ex...

Ford To Sell A Twenty Percent Stake In Mazda

TUE, 18 NOV, 2008

Struggling to sell new cars in North America and with cash reserves dwindling, Ford Motor Company is set to offload a 20 percent stake in Mazda, a...