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NSW Number Plate 29 Sets New Auction Record

WED, 24 MAY, 2017

They don’t come up often, and each is one of a kind in every state, but one of NSW’s early issue number plates, 29, provided ...

Classic Number Plate Values To Rival Cars At Auction: Shannons

TUE, 25 FEB, 2014

An upcoming Sydney auction is expected to see around $1.5 million made from a series of classic Australian number plates.

Got $20,000 To Spend? That's A Corolla, i30, Or... A V12 Ferrari

MON, 3 FEB, 2014

Decisions, Decisions... Ferrari 400i V12 or an i30? A Ferrari for around $20,000 usually conjures up images of a pile of twisted metal or, ...

HDT Director Among Trio of Hot Collector Commodores Up For Auction

THU, 18 APR, 2013

Three classic Commodores are to go under the hammer at Shannon's in Melbourne, one of them a rare Brock HDT Director sedan.

Marlboro HDT Torana A9X, Other Bathurst Legends To Appear At Top Gear Live

WED, 10 FEB, 2010

THE FAMOUS Marlboro Holden Dealer Team Torana A9X is on its way to the 2010 Top Gear Live event in Sydney this week, as part of the Shannons Bathu...

Central Victoria’s First Major Motorcycle Expo Set For Bendigo In 2009

MON, 23 MAR, 2009

Bendigo, home to some hundred thousand and one of Victoria’s largest regional centres, is set to heat up a little early this year as Central Vic...



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